Dumbell, Barbell & Hand Weight

Rockit has dumbbells, barbells and hand weight with a low weight deviation or about less than 1%. Premium quality like this can only be found in the world class fitness equipment. This is a standard that achieved by Rockit through a series of calculated developments. Not just selling barbell or dumbbell as a weight training tool, Rockit fitness improves the quality of training and provides better experience than ever before.

Weight Plate & Bars

Weight training is one of the most fundamental exercises. It needs the right equipment to get the best benefits. Not just by dumbbell or barbell. You also need a quality weight plates in order to maximize the exercise program. This is what you will get when using Rockit’s products.

Weight plates made by Rockit are carefully designed to give a low deviation. Its weight deviation is less than 2%. We concerned about training experience. We understand that weight training should not be painful or burdensome. That is why we developed olympic bar class products with mature calculations. All done for one purpose. Enhance your practice experience with world-class equipment.

Bell, Ball, Bag, & Box

Rockit offers more than premium weight lifting workout solutions or the best fitness equipment. We also have a wide range of fitness accessories that will improve the quality of training. Looking for kettlebell? Rockit sells high quality kettlebell to complete your home gym. You need more than just hard training to get the expected result. You also need the right equipment for it.

Product durability is not our only concern. In developing fitness equipment, convenience during the training always be the focus of Rockit fitness too. We embody that commitment in every product. This is the commitment that makes Rockit as one of the best-selling gym ball solutions.

Accessories & Flooring

Rockit has a diverse collection of accessories and flooring fitness that can be selected as you need. Our premium quality yoga mat will make your workouts more enjoyable and comfortable. It made from soft material. Comfortable and not slippery. Want to make a difficult yoga pose? Rockit will help you to create your own home gym.

All Rockit accessories are available in affordable price. This is one thing that you will get in Kredoaum. We sell more than fitness mat and other fitness equipment. In here, we offer solutions to improve the quality of your training too. When you are looking for the best and complete fitness equipment source, kredoaum will be the answer.