Miha Bodytech

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Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of miha bodytec training*:

  • miha bodytec increases maximum performance by means of improved speed of motion.
  • An increase in performance capacity was general observed, occurring in 84% of the participants!
  • Maximum strength already increased 17% after 4 training units!
  • 71% of participants showed a significant improvement in endurance!
  • Strength-endurance training values rose by as much as 108% after just 12 training units!
  • After just 4 weeks of training, maximum performance rose by as much as 30%!
  • Contraction speed rose by an average of 22%. The explosive power of the hard-to-train deep trunk musculature even rose by up to 74%!
  • The values that were measured underscore the fact that whole body EMS is up to 40% more intensive than traditional strength training with weights!
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