Have obesity but not strong enough to follow a fitness training program? Or maybe feeling too old to maintain your body? Everybody has the right to live healthy. No matter how old you are, Precor will remove those restrictions.

Precor provides a large variety of premium fitness equipment that designed to answer your unique condition. We understand that different conditions need different treatment. People with obesity need a different exercise program. Elderly and people with back problem are also the same. Ordinary fitness equipment will not be able to accommodate those needs.


  • Precor’s artificial fitness equipment not only has world-class quality. Its features cannot be underestimated too. It can be seen from the treadmill. Not just having a high quality treadmills, Precor’s fitness equipment also equipped with a decline system that can increase the burden of training. It feels like walking uphill.
  • Cardio Precor featured by “cross ramp” system. This is a unique feature developed by Precor. Thanks to this feature, you can get maximal workout resultan, from the legs to the upper thighs.
  • Precor cardio is safe for everyone. People with obesity, elderly or people with back problems can use it safely. Do you need a stationary bike that maximizes leg workout? Precor has it too.


  • Precor offers more than just an ordinary gym equipment. Their fitness equipment have been made based on the shape of the human body. No matter who you are or how big you are, you can use it comfortably.
  • Precor only uses quality materials to produce its fitness equipment. They use Slovak iron ore which is great for its strength. This is the reason why Precor’s fitness equipment so durable.
  • Precor fitness equipment are very versatile and made with high durability. It accommodates people needs and stay afloat even for high intensity training program. Precor’s weight machine also designed to optimize the comfort. For that reason, Precor’s products are chosen by gym centers, hotels and apartments.

As a distributor of Precor Indonesia, Kredoaum provides a complete collection of Precor fitness equipment. We also provide the best price. If you have questions about Precor products, you can contact our customer service anytime.