InBody has been known for its high quality and high accuracy tool. However, InBody itself is not only an important player in the digital scales industry. A large collection of measuring instrument was also successfully made by the cold hands of InBody’s experts. Stadiometer is another example of the work of thought and perseverance. More than that, InBody also has a world-class quality blood pressure instrument that is capable to deliver accurate measurement.


The accuracy of InBody’s stadiometer can be realized thanks to the awareness of the importance of data and deep technical capabilities. Measurement errors may bring serious impact on patients and keep them away from proper treatment. We take such problems seriously. This is what drives InBody to improve the quality of its Products continuously. This is what makes us trusted by many health agencies to gym centers and become one of the key players in the digital scales industry and fitness equipment.

Body Composition Analizer

Sometimes, Body Mass Index (IMT) leads to misunderstandings and encourage people to overeat themselves. Many people think that having an ideal weight is enough. It is enough as a health insurance. In fact, health is not only determined by weight. This is where the role of body composition analyzer to analyze body condition needed.

InBody measures complete body composition, including levels of fat, muscle and water. This is different from the ordinary scales that are only able to provide information about body mass. With all of that information, experts can recommend the right diet or exercise program. In the other words, it allows you to take the right fitness equipment to get the best result.

Blood pressure

InBody is well known for its composite body composition analyzer. But the weighing tool is just the beginning. InBody blood pressure checker is also widely used by health agencies around the world. A commitment to providing high measurement accuracy is here. However, it does not make InBody miss the ease in using the tools. Accuracy is important. But this is useless without the ease of use in providing measurement results. InBody really cares about it. For that, they realize it through their products.