Circle Fitness is here to answer the needs of affordable and good quality fitness equipment. Find a wide selection of fitness equipment here and get a more enjoyable fitness experience.

Various Fitness Equipment

Different problem need different solution. For this reason, Circle Fitness develops a variety of fitness equipment that can be selected as needed. We provide treadmill, elliptical, upright bike and recumbent bike in 2 variants. Variant 8 series is our premium line. Each fitness equipment in this series is equipped with the most powerful motor and intuitive user interface. Ergonomic design is the best. On the other hand, the 6 series variant offers the perfect combination of value, durability and reliability. For people who are looking for affordable fitness equipment, we can consider this series.

Ergonomic Design

Fitness exercises should not be treated as a burden. In the process, it will be much more fun if you enjoy it. This is one of the keys to getting results that match expectations. Circle Fitness not only focuses on product quality. We not only sell treadmill or elliptical with low price. In order to provide a more enjoyable fitness experience, we really concern about the ergonomic side of the products.

The Concern of Circle Fitness of the ergonomic design comes from their users. We believe some users also expect for an enjoyable process. Research and development is made to realize it. Therefore, their products are really good in quality and comfortable to use. It is not only found on the Circle Fitness treadmill or elliptical. This can be found in their stationary bike as well.

Intuitive Console

The sophistication of Circle Fitness products can be found in their fitness equipment. Each part is made with full calculation. In order to provide a better fitness experience, we also equip each product with console. Our console is very intuitive and has been equipped with many interesting features. The image shown is very clear. The touch response was also quick.

Intuitive consoles may be difficult to find on the cheap treadmills or other affordable fitness equipment, including recumbent bike. But not here. Not on Circle Fitness products. This feature can be found in all of our products. Whether it’s value series or premium series, Circle Fitness products can be the best answer for affordable and quality fitness equipment.