Alter G Treadmill is not just a regular fitness equipment. Their anti gravity treadmill presented to answer the need of therapy and rehabilitation. The anti gravity technology behind Alter G treadmill allows it all. Through this technology, Alter G is able to bring fitness training to the next level. It makes them as an important player in the fitness equipment industry as well.

Safe Used By Anyone

Therapy or rehabilitation can be very painful and emotionally draining. It can make the patients down to desperation. The urge to quit can be so tempting. That’s why they need more than just an effective therapy but also a solution to reduce the pain in the process.

Anti gravity technology of Alter G Treadmill is designed to minimize risk during exercise and therapy. This feature keeps the users away from unexpected incidents and keep them safe. Whoever the patients, whether it be obese, accident patients or stroke patients, Alter G Treadmill is safe to use by anyone.

Trusted by World Athlete

Athlete is a vulnerable profession. Injury may come at anytime. On the other side, injury could bring a major impact to the career as well. Athletes will avoid it as much as possible. But when the unexpected thing must happen, they want to end this and get their life back soon.

Alter G has been trusted by many world-class professional athletes, from long-distance runners, basketball players to soccer players. This trust comes from the given results. More than it, Alter G Treadmill makes threrapy and rehabilitation run smoothly. Its effectiveness increases without a painful process. Thanks to its anti gravity technology, it is possible.

Recommended by Orthopedic Experts

Alter G’s reputation is built through continuous innovation. Alter G Treadmill developer continuously. New technology included to improve its effectiveness. This is also what lies behind Alter G to innovate through their anti gravity treadmill. There is only one goal. Provide the best solution for people who face injury and illness. This is the reason why Alter G trusted by athletes and recommended by orthopedists. This is the reason why Alter G becomes one of the best fitness equipment.